Boating options at Cozy Corner Cottages

Boats, Canoes, and Kayaks at No Charge

Cozy Corner Cottages has a variety of non-motorized boats available to guests including four flat-bottom jon boats, two canoes, and two kayaks. These boats and their accessories are available free of charge to all of our guests.

If you are visiting with a medium to large motorized boat, you will need to travel to either the public boat landing about 2 blocks away or to Schafer’s Boat Landing.

Kayaks in the lagoon at Cozy Corner Cottages
Non motorized boats available at Cozy Corner Cottages

Boat Motors and Accessories

Trolling motors can be mounted on the 15′ flat-bottom jon boats – guests are responsible to provide the motor and mount. Paddles, oars, and a limited selection of life jackets are on hand for our boats. If you have your own life jackets it is recommended you bring them to ensure that you have the right fit and comfort for your safety. 

Guests are asked to use the provided hose and brush to clean the boats as needed after each use.

Boat Launch, Docking, and Lagoon Information

The non-motorized boats provided can be easily launched on site without a need to travel to the public boat landing. We recommend that medium sized fishing boats launch at the public boat landing 2 blocks away from Cozy Corner Cottages. Pontoons and larger bass boats will want to launch at Schafer’s Boat Landing 4 miles further down Lake Onalaska.

A trolling motor will need to be used to gain access to the lagoon from Lake Onalaska. The lagoon’s water depth will vary based on time of year and rainfall but will generally average 2 or 3 feet deep. Docking in the lagoon is permitted for most duck hunting boats and small fishing boats. The dock and lagoon area is well-lit in the evening and dead-ends at Cozy Corner Cottages’ resort property.

Fish House and Lagoon at Cozy Corner Cottages in Onalaska, WI
Catfish in Cozy Corner Cottages cleaning house
Northern Pike caught at Cozy Corner Cottages
Duck hunting at Cozy Corner Cottages in Onalaska, Wisconsin

Fish / Fowl Cleaning House

A fish and fowl cleaning house with sink, lights, and running water is available for all of our guests. It is heated for those visiting us in the colder months. No cleaning of fish or fowl is permitted in the cottages.